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The DVD is laid out like a TV program, with brief introductions to each film and commercials from the sixties in between. It is an original production by the Old Car Manual Project.

Running time: 76 minutes (main feature) + radio ads (6 minutes) = 84 minutes total content


1. Introduction
2. Goodyear Lifeguard tires commercial
3. 1960 Fords film
4. Volkswagen commercial
5. Corvair introduction
6. 1960 Corvair film
7. Goodyear snow tires
8. Motorama introduction
9. 1961 Motorama film
10. 1963 Chevrolet commercial
11. 1963 Oldsmobile 98 commercial
12. Mustang design introduction
13. Mustang design film
14. SuperShell gas commercial
15. Hertz Rent-A-Car commercial
16. 1966 Chevy introduction
17. Impact 66, Part 1
18. Newport cigarettes commercial
19. Impact 66, Part 2
20. Amoco unleaded gas commercial
21. 1967 AMC wagons commercial
22. Closing remarks
23. Credits



The source material for this presentation is in the public domain, and so has no copyright. This DVD production, including our original titles, introductions and other parts are subject to copyright, but the Old Car Manual Project hereby expressly allows the use of the DVD for educational or historical research purposes. You may not copy and sell this DVD. As further noted at the foot of this page, any trademarks that may appear are the sole property of their registered owners. Please read the remarks at the bottom of this page.

DVD-R format

The DVD-R format is playable on the vast majority of home DVD players (99%) in North America and Japan. You can check the compatibility with your player here. We can also supply the video in DVD+R format, by special request - contact us.


Unfortunately, we can only supply an NTSC version.

Warranty / Return Policy

If you are unsatisfied, please return the disc and we will refund your money immediately upon receipt of the disc. Please contact us before returning a disc. If you think you need a DVD+R disc, please let us know. Remember that the Old Car Manual Project is not a profit-making enterprise. We are distributing this DVD to help pay the costs of running the website, and to make this material available in a convenient form for home viewing.

Sixty from Sixty: Cars and consumer products form the early to mid sixties



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